Human Anatomy Online

The National Library of Medicine’s Visible Human Project

Body – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Realms of Consciousness

Seven Bodies, Seven Chakras

The Seven Energy Field Bodies

The Seven Bodies and Seven Chakras

The Seven Bodies Unveiled, by Flower A. Newhouse and Stephen Isaac

Septenary (Theosophy) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mariam Nour

Astral Voyage – Spirituality – Subtle Body Energies

7. The Chakras And The Bodies



Seven Main Chakras, Ascended Masters,

Subtle body – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Seven Levels

Soul Psychology – Aura

Seven Mansions – 01

Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, the School of Ancient Wisdom

Universal White Time Healing


One Response to “Body”

  1. Spiritual Technology » Blog Archive » Exploring The I and The Universe Says:

    […] We create our Subject and present it as an Object to others. At higher levels of evolution many smaller objects cooperate to form a composite object, the Body of a Higher Level Subject. We are of the Form of Software, Knowledge, Information, Spirit. The Hardware is created, defined, projected by executing the software. […]

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